The Pharmacy Technician Certificate program at Genesis Medical Training Center combines classroom instruction with hands-on training to provide students with the opportunity to master the specific fundamental skills and duties that are necessary to properly assist patients/customers at a pharmacy.

Training at “Genesis Medical Training Center” Pharmacy Technician program includes:

  • Ancient beliefs of illness and medicine, advances made in drug therapy, Vaccination, history of pharmacy,
  • Federal law as they apply to the practice of pharmacy technician and different types of competencies needed to become a successful pharmacy technician
  • Communication skills needed for the direct patient care. Center of attention will be the types of communication and how to improve them. 
  • Various dosage formations, various routes of administration, Importance of additives in the production of drugs and the storage requirement of the common drugs.
  • Mathematical conversion and calculations will be discussed by using correct pharmacy formulas. 
  • Prescription processing, prescription preparation, refilling, transferring a prescription, and pharmacy billing and inventory management. 
  • Patient’s rights of medication safety, causes of medication error and reporting it to the organization or groups which track and report medication errors. 
  • Therapeutic agents used to treat various disease and disorders of the bodily systems.
  • Understanding of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). 
  • Information on herbal medication use, side effects and its interaction with traditional medication.

Course Information

Course Details

Tuition Fee – $730
Registration Fee (non-refundable) – $70
Books – $100

Total – $900 ($730 without textbook)
(Please contact us for updated tuition price or any promotion.)

Start with $100.00 downpayment with low flexible weekly payment!

Eligibility for entrance, the following items are required of all applicants:

  • Tour of the center in person.
  • Proof of High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) or higher College Degree from an accredited school in the United  States. 


  • Foreign country high school diploma or higher college degree (must be in English or translated and evaluated by an approved agency).
  • If student does not meet the above-mentioned requirement, NO PROBLEM. Student can take an entrance exam at school known as Ability to Benefit Test provided by the school.
  • Payment of registration fee.

Disclaimer: Student must have a High School Diploma or GED to register for pharmacy technician certification board exam ( or must have 500 hours of work experience before registering for PTCB exam.