EKG is one of the important modalities in diagnosing the cardiovascular disease. In this program the students will learn to identify anatomical location of the heart and important structures which surrounds the heart. Preparing patient to obtain EKG rhythm by using a standard 12-Lead EKG and color coded five lead wire system. We will prepare students to interpret Various Sinus rhythms such as; Atrial Rhythms, Junctional Rhythms and Ventricular Rhythms.

Moreover, students will learn to calculate heart rate, various waves and segments from the EKG rhythm strip.

Course Information

Course Details

Tuition Fee – $440
Registration Fee – $35
Books – Online access with no cost

Total – $475
(Please contact us for updated tuition price or any promotion.)

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Eligibility for entrance, the following items are required of all applicants:

  • Tour of the center in person.
  • Proof of High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) or higher College Degree from an accredited school in the United States.
  • Foreign country high school diploma or higher college degree (must be in English or translated into English).
  • If student does not meet the above-mentioned requirement, NO PROBLEM. Student can take an entrance exam at school known as Ability to Benefit Test provided by the school.
  • Payment of registration fee.