Combination of EKG + Phlebotomy

Electrocardiography (50 Hours)

EKG is one of the important modalities in diagnosing the cardiovascular disease. In this program the students will learn to identify anatomical location of the heart and important structures which surrounds the heart. Preparing patient to obtain EKG rhythm by using a standard 12-Lead EKG and color coded five lead wire system. We will prepare students to interpret Various Sinus rhythms such as; Atrial Rhythms, Junctional Rhythms and Ventricular Rhythms. Moreover, students will learn to calculate heart rate, various waves and segments from the EKG rhythm strip.

Phlebotomy (50 Hours)

In this course students will be able to demonstrate various methods of Phlebotomy such as:

  • Venous blood draw using the Multi-sample needle and butterfly syringe.
    Demonstrate a sterile lancet capillary blood withdrawal, an Auto-let blood withdrawal for glucose level, the proper use of a Microhematocrit Centrifuge to differentiate plasma from serum.
  • Different use of color-coded vacutainers
  • In addition, students will learn the proper use of a Glucometer to obtain a blood glucose level
  • Student will be exposed to various methods of discarding hazardous material according to OSHA guidelines.
  • Proper techniques of disinfection with reference to infection control
    Identify and label the parts of the most common diagnostic laboratory equipment, use basic skills in context of therapeutic and laboratory procedures.
  • Each student will have the opportunity to practice their phlebotomy skills on training arms and most importantly the students will have an opportunity to practice their technique on each other or volunteers under the supervision of their instructor.

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